Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sometimes, it’s hard not to believe in fate. Just as I was wondering how to get a little bit more out of my shop during these rather lean times, a customer came in and blew my mind about a PR list that is easy to use and, wait for it, FREE. And face it, public relations are an important part of your business you can't afford to ignore.

Peter Shankman’s HARO- Help A Reporter Out, is a quick and easy way to share news about your business. You simply sign up for the three times a day emails, and write to reporters who are looking to write stories that match your product/service. I’ve already pitched several products from my shop successfully and I look forward to each HARO email. It’s important to constantly stay in front of your customers, and finding easy ways to do that are a small business owner’s dream. HARO’s empire also includes twitter, iTunes videos, Facebook, and much more for those truly hooked into social networking. Try it out!

{pic via newsday}

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