Thursday, February 26, 2009

Take Action.

In ‘these times’ small business owners, particularly retailers might find themselves with a little extra (ok. A lot) time on their hands. What to do?

1. Create an event.
2. Call, email, or contact your customers the best way you know how.
3. Keep music playing throughout the day- make your space seem exciting!
4. Don't let the staff congregate in the store.
5. Ask (or politely tell) your customers to tell their friends and family about store specials or events.
6. Maximize the traffic you do have, engage customers.
7. Change your store around. {ET says: a friend of mine SWEARS by this. Touch everything in the store she says to bring new life to old product. It works, just try it}
8. Buy off-price- but stay true to what you set out to be. Vision is important.
9. Rework your inventory budget.
10. Move out merchandise that hasn't moved to increase your cash flow. SALE!
11. Buy just in time. {ET says: I try to do this as much as possible, but if you are an online retailer like we are, it’s hard to not have sufficient inventory on hand. Know what works for you and stick to it.}
12. Get the store in tiptop shape for when traffic picks up in the spring. See #7!
13. Call your vendors and see if there are extra good deals being offered to freshen up your merchandise. New sells, period.

{Tips inspired by the great ideas for retailers over at One Coast! Picture from flickr.}

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  1. I appreciate that this list was "inspired" by an article on One Coast, but the fact is the list is verbatim from one of my articles. I don't mind you sharing it but in the future please credit the people who actually wrote it.

    Doug Fleener