Friday, March 13, 2009

Top Five Things We All Need To Know

Top Five Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know
{ET says: *ie. Like, one of the best articles I’ve read in sometime for small business people!}


1. Hire thee an intern- Ask them what they want, treat them very well, and you won’t be disappointed in the amazing things they can do for you!
2. Know hiring is difficult, if not back breaking work- Hire intern-to-staff for best results, make your Craigslist ads tough as hell, and know that even the best employee can go sour.
3. Get a bookkeeper, stat. Is there really more to say about this? No. We all hate QuickBooks, and it’s not a dirty secret. Pay someone how knows numbers, and focus on what you do well.
4. Connect with people anyway you know how- phone, Facebook, e-mail, networking groups, etc. Sharing is caring, people.
5. Frenemies- worth getting to know! People who do the exact same thing as you have a lot of knowledge about something you wanna know a lot about. Embrace your competitors and learn!

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